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About the company

Teleagents is a company with roots in the marketing industry, with specific focus on the management of a large call center driven by excellence and the desire to offer consumers quality products that will enhance their lifestyles.


Title: CEO

Rajen has many years of experience in the tough and challenging retail industry, where he gained extensive professional and managerial experience. His proven track record is a clear indication that he is a go-getter and a visionary. His mindset sets him apart from others in his field. His strategic methodologies are exactly what make Teleagents what it is today. 


Title: Senior Sales Manager

Karen has brought invaluable expertise to our business. Her passion for the call centre industry is clearly evident in the quality of service that her team delivers. She is not only a dynamic individual, but also has the ability to create a drive and passion in all that interact with her. She is truly a great leader , mentor and role model to everyone that interacts with her.

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