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Emergency Panic Button

Emergency Panic ButtonThe client is enabled to trigger a panic alert via their mobile phone. The member simply pre-registers there number so in times of distress the GSM Network is able to locate their exact position and send out a distress signal to four contacts, as well as the Call Centre, to respond. The 24/7 contact centre will receive data in terms of the client’s approximate latitude/longitude information in order to facilitate the relevant emergency assistance.

Only Vodacom and MTN users will be able to use the Panic button. Cell C users will only have the feature to press the assist button, but no location information will be available. A minimum of R0.20c airtime must be available (in the users account) in order to make use of this service.

Emergency assistance involves a call-back to the client to establish the nature of the trigger such as being stranded in an unfamiliar location requiring directions, burglary, unexpected medical emergency, etc. Once the request is confirmed telephonically or via sms, the relevant assistance is arranged and the standard operating procedure in terms of regular follow-ups are undertaken until the case is closed. Assistance includes message relay and conference calls with the relevant service provider such as the flying squad, towing contractor or relatives.

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