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Medical Database

Medical Database

Medical Database stores the members medical information in a virtual high security encrypted medical database. In the unlikely event of you being inhospitalised or rushed to an Emergency Room, Paramedics and Medical Personal will be able to make crucial lifesaving decisions. The information available shall include, but not limited to:

  • Medical history and records.
  • Allergies.
  • Special Precautions.
  • Previous Operations.
  • Chronic Conditions from which you suffer e.g Diabetics, Asthma.
  • Chronic Medication.

In an emergency situation these personal details can be accessed telephonically via medical database Assist Call Centre. Any highlighted conditions shall be alerted, so that when the Paramedic renders treatment, they will have the pertinent information on hand and take special precaution in rendering treatment.

The Medical Database is linked to Panic Button, so should the Panic Button be triggered, members relevant medical information will be available via the Agent, to advise Emergency Response in advance.

The information is protected under strict security system and personal details are only available on a need to know basis for Emergency Personal to respond accordingly.

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